Take a chance on me!

No, I’m not talking about the Abba song, as great as it was. I mean, seriously, can you even say that phrase without the tune starting to play in your head? Try it.

See? Told you!

I’m actually talking about what I have found to be the greatest source of loyalty among farmers.

It sprang to mind when I was reading this story: Staying green: Minnesota farmer has purchased 500 combines from Deere Harvester.

No, it’s not about the Gold Key Tour, as cool as that is. It’s not that dealers usually pay for the trip. And it’s not that this man has assembly line workers clapping for his crew and thanking him for his business. All great stuff.

If you read through the whole story, however, you’ll find that this highly successful business man had a very rough start. He lost everything in a fire and started custom harvesting to make ends meet.

And then he says something very key in the article, something I’ve heard many times over the years.

“When we first started, we had no money, no financial backing and John Deere Financial took us on, so we’ve stuck with them,” he said.

In other words, a supplier took a chance on him. He’s paid them back handsomely over the years with his equipment purchases, but he’s also given them something priceless: unending loyalty. All because Deere took a chance on him.

Who needs you to take a chance on them today?

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