Millennium Research, Inc. helps companies isolate what is most important to customers, so that companies know where to focus their efforts when creating products and services. Our clients find that the results exceed customer expectations, fortify brand loyalty, and drive outstanding sales results.

Clients return again and again to Millennium Research, Inc. because we provide actionable recommendations, based on sound research, that allow them to make more successful business decisions in highly competitive marketplaces.

At Millennium Research, our research executives have completed hundreds of projects for a wide variety of clients. Clients value our insight into their respective industries, our complete knowledge of market research techniques and our continued commitment to outstanding quality.

Practical. Sensible. Straightforward.

A Touch of Paul Bunyan – But Don’t Call Me Babe*

Millennium Research Inc. is led by Jan Johnson, a 30-year professional and market research veteran with few equals. In contrast to her low-key demeanor, Jan is relentless, inquisitive, insightful and ingenious in her efforts to find those nuggets that impact product  performance so much so that clients refer to her as “one of the best market researchers in the industry” as well as “having the most insightful analyses in the business.”

*As in Babe the Blue Ox, Paul Bunyan’s companion

Millennium Research, Inc. helps companies isolate what is important to customers so companies know where to focus their efforts when creating products and services.

Understanding Farmers Better

Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn't Mean They're Not Out to Get You One of the missions of Millennium Research, in addition to helping companies deeply understand their customers so that they deliver the exact goods and services required and desired (thus becoming...

Safety and Security: The Farmer’s Perception

As we continue to explore the connection between Maslow's hierarchy of needs and how it impacts a farmer's decision making, we move up the pyramid this month to a farmer's perception of safety and security and how that looks when doing business with farmers and other...

How Age Influences a Farmer’s Purchasing Decisions

So what is the best way to create technology that appeals to a population where the average age is 58?

How Does a Farmer Decide What Technology to Purchase?

Natural Gifts Influence a Farmer's Purchasing Decisions Last month, my somewhat trusty vehicle with 155,000-odd miles decided it was time to quit. So it did, on the road, in the middle of town. Luckily, it was not on the freeway during rush hour. Giving me one last...

The Empathic Method

  I was having a good conversation the other day with a great farmer about a specific, detailed aspect of farming, and I am not sure how, but the conversation turned to the fact that his wife had died about one year ago. I listened as he told me the story: He had...