Of the millions of good things that I’ve discovered about East Texas since moving here, the food here is really good. And when you’re exploring a new life, food is among the most important elements. I read an article once that said life is really about food. We mask it with social events or high-society art and opera, but the first question anybody asks about a trip or a cruise is: “How was the food?”

Beautiful East Texas

And here in beautiful East Texas, the food really is good! Restaurants are plentiful: mom-and-pop places, family-owned places, chef-owned places that feature local produce and meat. So good!

I also moved to a one-story house where I work from home. Talk about reducing activity! No more running up and down the stairs for coffee or lunch – just a short walk across a few feet of perfectly flat floor.

These two factors – great food and less movement – have created the perfect storm of what I refer to as my Texas pounds. A few more than I would like. So, after diligently trying on my own to shed a few of those pounds, I turned to the internet.

A lot of promises with few results

Turns out that losing weight is a lot like gas efficiency: a lot of promises with few results. Which brings me to farmers.

There are a lot of products out there that make a lot of promises and provide few, if any, results. Each one adds dollars to production and few add any pennies to the bottom line.

So, if you’ve got a product that works, prove it.

Put your money where your claims are. 

Test, demonstrate, prove.

Show the best way to use your product to achieve the best results. Be honest when something doesn’t work. “That’s never happened before,” is a line that farmers have heard again and again.

Don’t blame them for being skeptical.

Take it as a challenge to be better. We can all use better.

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