From across the miles.

As I sit here in my log cabin in rural Wisconsin watching the snow fall, I’m thinking about last Christmas in beautiful East Texas, an area filled with Longhorns, Bramahas, chickens, and donkeys, and of course horses! Some goats were thrown in too, I think, plus lots of mostly Angus cattle herds.

These two places are a thousand miles apart, but when you go into town, the farmers and ranchers are much the same. They’re worried about the weather and the prices and increasingly, the costs and even the availability of the vital things they need to produce a crop, a calf, eggs, meat, and milk.

They are proud of their accomplishments this year but are also looking forward to a better year. This time of year is for a little bit of relaxing, of joining friends and family, and as always, of giving thanks.

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From snowy Wisconsin and beautiful East Texas, Merry Christmas!

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