Spring is for farmers!

One thing I’ve noticed about farmers over the years is that there’s not too much judgement about things. They take life as it comes, knowing that the life, lifestyle, and finances of a farmer aren’t easy but that it’s a choice they’ve made. They are passionate about growing things, dispassionate about the ups and downs along the way. Don’t get me wrong: They hate low prices and high costs, equipment that breaks down at the wrong time (which is any time), and when the cows get out.

But for the most part, they’re farming and ranching, doing the day-in, day-out things required to grow the best crops, raise the best animals, and treat the earth as well as they can. They feel good about what they’re doing and know that keeping an even keel is the best way to make it to the fall harvest.

All of that changes in the spring!

In the spring, the air is alive with possibilities! The soil tugs at their hearts, singing its song of hope, joy, and excitement. A farmer gets to farm again! All of last year’s trials and tribulations are forgotten. A new season is a new chance to do everything right. To try something new. To do better than ever before.

Driving through an area where farmers are planting, you can almost feel the hum of tension, excitement, anticipation. It may simply look as if farmers are driving tractors, pulling planters or whatever else may be hooked up, but make no mistake: Those are 34,000 corn miracles going into every acre. And farmers care about every one of them.

I watch Chopped a lot, and one thing they always say is that it’s love that makes food taste good.

If you happen to drive through some farm country and notice a field or two, or 10,000, realize that its love that put them there.

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