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I’ve often said that farmers are not “coulda, woulda, shoulda” kind of people. They would drive themselves nuts if they were, so they tell me.

Their spouses tell a bit of a different story. It’s not the looking back that causes the worry; it’s the gaming out of the multiple new situations that can confront a farmer on any given day.

I was just reading an article that asked if technology could have made a difference for the 2019 crop for many farmers – a long article at that, simply to say, “No, not really.” The best they offer is better weather predictions – not sure if that helps in most cases.

But farmers are eternal optimists. While more ordinary folks among us might have thrown in the towel after 2019, farmers turned the page.

I’ve got hot-off-the press information from the 2020 Farmer Speaks survey, sponsored by J.L. Farmakis, Inc. It’s a testament to resiliency, faith, and always keeping your feet moving forward.

Here’s a snapshot of what I mean.

The majority of all-sized farmers experienced at least one weather difficulty in 2019.

farmers experienced weather related difficulties

These difficulties were not confined to just a few acres either.

more acreage was impacted for farmers

But government payments made to farmers impacted by the trade war made a big difference for the majority of farmers responding.

farmers benefited from government payments

And by the time farmers were completing this survey, the administration had announced an agreement with the Chinese regarding agricultural goods, and the USMCA had been passed by the House. Optimism for next year is up slightly from last year. Just like the good men and women they are, you can’t keep a farmer’s attitude down for long.

farmers are more optimisitc

That doesn’t mean they are not busy making changes to get their operations ready for next year, streamlined and more efficient as always.

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