So, in my second autumn in East Texas, I am feeling a little out of touch with the fall harvest and Midwest row crops. Here, in the beautiful rolling hills of this region, you can see between the trees contented beef cattle of all breeds munching on the tall grass, and you can see the round bales in the hay fields. 

But it really doesn’t matter that much what crop you are thinking about, whether it’s corn and beans or baby beefers.

Farmers want to harvest everything they worked for all year long.

I was doing a focus group on combines several years ago and the engineers asked, “How much grain loss is acceptable?”

Almost in unison, all the farmers said, “None!” 

It’s the same answer when you talk to dairy farmers about milk loss, or cattle farmers about calf loss.

The only acceptable amount of loss is none!

Farmers and ranchers work hard for every kernel, every calf, every gallon of milk, every vegetable, nut, and fruit. Every bit matters – as do every one of the farmers.

Here’s to a safe, productive, and satisfying fall harvest for everyone.

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