are farmers listeningOne of the things I like most about talking with farmers is how straightforward and to the point they are. They are polite and kind, and say things nicely, but you are not in doubt about what they are saying.

For example, a farmer will say something like, “With the commodity markets down, it’s really hard to make any money on corn.”

A stockbroker will say, “Headwinds are tough in agriculture–due to downward pressure on demand and upticks in supply, the potential for profit in the short term is negative.”

A banker will say, “We offer a variety of financial solutions for your current budget deficit.”  (I think that’s a loan.)

I’ve tested words with farmers before, and the word “solutions” is one that is completely overused and ill-defined. Take a look at nearly any website, and you’ll find the word “solutions.” You might find it so many times that you can’t even figure out what the company purports to be solving.

There are nutrition solutions (is that well-balanced feed rations?); there are weed solutions (a herbicide that works?); there are equipment solutions (a new tractor?); there are genetic solutions (hmm?).

Anyway, over the years we’ve done a fair bit of communications testing, and I’ve put together our best thoughts in Top 10 Rules to EFFECTIVELY Advertise to Farmers. Request your copy today.