A recurring thought has been flashing across my mind like a blip on a radar screen during the past couple of months.  And after reading Gary Keller’s book, The ONE Thing, my recurring thought – that blip – has become clearer, as I realize that any one thing is often the difference between mediocrity and massive success. Keller tells us that concentrating on one thing is the path to success.

The secret, of course, is to find out what the right one thing is.

And how does this relate to product liberation?

Product liberation is all about finding out the one thing that matters most. Not to manufacturers, marketers, or links in the distribution channel, but to the most important arbiters of importance, the end consumers. The people who plunk down their hard earned money for your product.

When you discover that one thing most important to your customers, it makes sense to design and manufacture a product that does the best job of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The rewards can be amazing, in terms of your sales, profits, and market leadership.

I recently read an article that revealed BlackBerry had at their disposal consumer research that showed people wanted a larger screen and more intuitive interfaces on their telephones. The company ignored that research and lost the majority of their customer base two or three years later.

Apple, on the other hand, introduced the iPhone.

Now, most phones mirror the iPhone in terms of size and functionality. Apple, however, is still the only brand that commands premium prices; other brands cannot. Apple still sells 10 million units the week a new model is released, while other brands do not. Market dominance. Superior profitability. The rewards of getting the one thing absolutely right.

As a product liberator, I open a dialogue with your customers to realize the one thing that will make a difference to them. Liberating a product is personally gratifying for me. I like to see my clients win by providing the one thing that’s most meaningful to their customers, so everybody wins.

That’s the one thing I’m aiming for.

At Landmark Performance Group, we cut through the crap to get to the features that are really important to the success of your products. The result is products that exceed the expectations of your potential customers, turning them into easy sales.

Our proprietary system shows your product potential and how to get there. Fast, focused and designed for success.

When you want to make sure every feature adds value, let’s talk.

Jan Johnson is Chief Product Liberator at Landmark Performance Group, Minneapolis, MN. She has more than 20 years of experience rescuing failing or underperforming products in brutal marketplaces.

Minneapolis, Minnesota