Is your faucet leaky?

Whenever a company undertakes a market research project, there is always the chance that they will not like what they hear. This is a tough situation, almost like calling a plumber.

We generally call a plumber when we have a leak or a blockage that we can’t fix. Perhaps a faucet or pipe that has been dripping for a while finally begins leaking like a sieve. We kind of hope these things will magically fix themselves, because we know that calling a plumber is expensive. Plumbers bring us bad news and a expensive repair bills. There is nothing pleasant about calling a plumber.

You might think that the best time to call a plumber is when all is well, but you would never do that. No reason to. A lot of companies feel the same way about market research. Things are good; why rock the boat? Don’t fix what isn’t broken. And that’s usually true. But market research is more than a tool to use when water is gushing all over. We can find sales leaks you didn’t know you had, spot marketing problems that aren’t yet apparent, and diagnose solutions to future product pipelines.

So, please call us before your faucet is leaky. We can help. And we can also help design a product, marketing, and sales pipeline that works smoothly and delivers more than ever before.