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February is for lovers, or so the saying goes. Seemingly every other commercial is for jewelry, chocolate, diamonds, or cars. You name it; someone is finding a way to make their item something you absolutely need to make sure your loved one knows you care.

My truth is that caring is shown in everyday kindnesses and consideration, which brings me to #15065 here. She looks very well cared for, even though it’s obvious she resides on a very large dairy farm. She’s friendly and curious, probably the leader of the group of cows she’s in.

Dairy animals have a definite pecking order and a routine that they don’t like to have disrupted. Every cow has her place at the feed bunk – and woe to the cow that tries to horn in (pun intended) on another cow’s spot. It’s knowing the intimate details of how cows are and what they need that make the most successful dairy producers.

I was talking with several dairy farmers last year, and one said something that I thought was so profound: “We want to be kind as we can be to the cows, and get the production we need.” Kindness and knowledge of his animals are part of the talents and skills he brings to his profession every day. The company that recognizes kindness as much as production will do well with that farmer.

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First question: What popular consumer social networking site do some young farmers refer to as the ANTI-SOCIAL network?

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