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Millennium Research brings over a quarter-century of expertise to eliminate stagnation inside and outside the boardroom and the drawing table to impact real-world performance and sales. Focusing on outdoor industries (i.e., agriculture, construction, forestry, turf, outdoor recreational and work vehicles), our strengths and disciplines have helped:

  • Product improvement and innovation
  • Sales growth
  • Dealer development
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Product definition
  • Marketing clarity
  • Identifying customer segments
  • Value identification
  • Salesforce maximization

Jan’s guide, “5 Quick Ways to Kill Customer Rapport – and 5 Ways to Effortlessly Create It” is available to Millennium Research, Inc. subscribers and can be downloaded here:

To set up a time to speak with Jan and put the information in this report to work for you, please call 612.724.8687.